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Repair, Maintenance, Service and Technical Consultancy for Industrial Automation, Machines, Systems.
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HS Electronics is a company specialised in Repairs, Maintenance, Servicing of Sophisticated Micro-Controller based Industrial Electronics Equipment / Systems / Machines, PCBs. We are specialized in Repairing Servicing and Maintenance of following areas: -


Ø SPEEDTRONIC Mark-IV –HMPJ, HSAA, HUMB, HPRB, HURB, HMPF, HXPD, HUMA, HVDB, HRMC, HCMA, HAIC, RST Power Supply Module, Relay Control Power Supply Module,CRT Monitor, Membrane Keypad, OkiData Microline ML320 Printer, R S T HMPJ's EPROM, etc

Ø SPEEDTRONICS Mark-V – TCQA, TCCA, TCDA, TCEA, TCQC, LCCB, TCCA, TCPS, Arcnet Card (PCA198-CXB), Workstation, Cimplicity Sofware, IDP Software, 02 GB HDD (MSDOS 6.22), Software Backupetc.
Ø  SPEEDTRONICS Mark-IV – HMI, Arcnet Card, etc.


Ø Tata Honeywell DCS – CPU Card, Input Card, Output Cards, Computer, Display, Power Supply Card, etc

Ø Yakogawa DCS – CPU Card, I/O PCB, CRT Monitor, Power Supply, etc

Ø  Foxboro DCS Cards and HMI

Ø RIGs - Azonix Monitor, NT Tracer, Touch Monitor, HMI Workstation, Panel PCB, Rig Crane Systems control cards, SMPS, Power Supply, etc.

Ø  PLC – CPU Card, I/O Cards, SMPS, Sensors, Converters, PLC Display, Touch Screen Panel.

Ø  Limitorque, Rotork – MOVs, Valves and Control cards.

Ø  Micro Motion - Digital Flow Meters,


Ø SWF - X-Card, Y-Card, X-Driver, Y-Driver, Main Motor Driver, Trim PCB, Joint Board, Motherboard, CPU Card, Head PCB, I/O Card, Memory Card, Display Panel, Keyboard, 24V SMPS, Servo Drive etc

Ø  ZSK – 24V NT, TSP1, 2/12V NT, MMP3, TFP15, IFP16, IFP13, VID4, CPU4, ADP5, SN1, SV1, MCP13, MCP14, SME1, KSP-4, SVP10, MCP16, MCP24, SVP10, NAP3, TSP7, KSP-7, LCD Display, CRT Monitor, etc

Ø  TAJIMA – TMFD,  X-Driver, Y-Driver, S-Driver, DU-10, DU-8, CPU Board, Display Panel, Head PCB, SMPS etc

Ø  Lasser – Baumuller Drives and Cards, BUG21, BUG30/60, BUS21, KEB F4 Inverter, Radisys ECP-4, Radisys ECP-8A, Radisys EPC-8, EXM-MX HDD Module,  LP06, LP06, LP02, LP04, LP05, LP08, LP09, LP10, LP14, LP15, LP16, LP17, PPT120, Display Panel, MultiAx Drive, Control Technologies Drives, DIGITAX Drives, Proface GP270 Touch Panel.

Ø Toyata - Floppy Drive, Main Board, SMPS, Display Panel, etc

Ø  Brother – Main Drive Card, CPU Card, I/O Board, Head PCB, Display Panel, SMPS, etc


PAFF – Motor Drivers, CPU Card, Head PCB, Display Panel, SMPS, etc


Ø  PICANOL – PWRGS, ETU, ELO, SMPS, RTU , Power Unit, VMP-LT, GDLP. PS Card, PU Card, ODC, CPU-X, CPU Card, LCD Panel, etc
Ø  Sulzer – CPU Cards, Display Panel, Power Supply, etc
Ø  STAUBLI – CPU Cards, Display Panel, Power Supply, etc
Ø  DORNIER– CPU Cards, Let-Up Drive, Take-up Drive, SMPS etc


Ø  TRUMPF – BOSCH Drive, Display Panel, SNCI Card, 24V SMPS, etc
Ø FICEP CNC – CPU Card (ISA Type), ISA Backplane, I/O Card, Motor Driver, LCD Display, etc


Ø  BARSANTI MACCHINES – FANUC Inverter, CNC Cards, FPU Card, I/O Card, Display Panel, Motherboard, VGA Card, HDD/Floppy Card, Relay Cards, Sensors, Head Potetiometer, etc


Ø  ENGLE – CPU Card, I/O PCB, SMPS, LCD Display, etc


Ø  MTU Engine Controls– LOP Display, CPU Card, MPU-24, I/O Card, Display, etc

Ø  RADARs – Salesmar, Anritshuz, Reccal-Decca, Furno, Raytheon, Ray-Marine etc

Ø  Auto-Pilot – Keil, SONARs etc

Ø  Electrical Operated Firing Control Systems cards

Ø  ECDIS Systems, Gyro, Steering Gear, INMARSET, SATCOM

Ø  FIN Stabilizers, Bow Thruster, Stern Thruster

Ø  Communication Sets – EK896, PAE3060, LUP-29, MHN123, RS412, Motorola Sets, Skanti VHF Sets, etc

Ø  Intercom System, Paging System, Infra-Red Systems,

Ø  Fire Detection Systems, Halon Systems

Ø  VDR, Multi Channel Recorder, CCTV Systems.


Ø  SMPS, LCD Display, Touch Screen Display, CPU Cards, Power Supply, etc

Ø Analysers

Ø  CNC Machine parts, etc



Ø  Industrial PC

Ø  HMI Workstation

Ø  Panel PC

Ø  Single Board Computer

Ø  PC/104 SBC and Card

Ø  Backplane / Motherboard

Ø  RS232 / RS485 / RS422 Cards

Ø  Touch Panels

Ø HDD, DiskOnModule, DiskOnChip, Flash Disk

Ø Recovery/Reloading of Embedded XP. 


Ø  Industrial SMPS

Ø  DC-DC Power Supply

Ø  AC-DC Power Supply

Ø  Rackmount Power Supply


Ø  IC / EPROM / Processor Re-programming

Ø  IC Program Backup

Ø  Membrane Keypad re-making.

Ø  Importing of Spare parts and Electronic Components

Ø  PCB Re-conditioning.

Ø  Technical Consultancy

Ø  Technical Manpower Supply

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