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Proface HMI / Touch Panel
We provide re-furbished GP270-SC11-24V, GP270-LG11-24V.
This Touch Panel is used in Lasser Embrioder Machine as "Remote"
Repairing of GP470, GP2301,12" Touch Panel, 10.4" Touch Panel, 15" Touch Panel
Programming and Backup of Software.
Repairing of all type of HMI, Touch Panel of Proface make.
Arcnet Solutions
1. PCA198-CXB.
We offer Re-furbished PCA198-CXB cards in Mint Condition.
We promise to provide lifetime supportsforPCA198-CXB Arcnet Cards.
We provide replacement of PCA198-CXB Card with our Arcnet card, which is tested and gurrantee for One Year.
We also provide Complete GT IDP Workstation with Arcnet Card.
We also provide to back-up of existing system of Mark-V Mark-VI.
2. ISA Arcnet Card 08 Bit / 16 Bits with COM90C65, COM90C126, COM90C66 are available.
IDP Workstation 
Mark-V MS DOS 6.22 <I> Station / HMI 
IDP Workstation for Speedtronic Mark V gas turbine control systems for GE Frame 3, 5, 6,7 and 9 gas turbines
with Arcnet Card
Specification :  486 ISA SBC Card, 1.44 FDD, 2 GB Disk On Module, 19" Rack Mount Chassis, Serial Mouse,
02 Com, 01 LPT, Keyboard, 20/22" LCD Monitor, Arcnet Card, CD ROM, etc  
Floppy Drive Replament for Tajima Embriodery Machine
Old Floppy Drive Solutions.
This is USB-Floppy Drive Emulator (Floppy to USB Converter) for Tajima TMFX, TMEX embroidery machines with 26 pin YD-702D-6639
any Jumpers Floppy Drives.
02 GB Hard Disk / Flash Drive
02 GB HDD / Flash / 2.5" IDE.
We offer 02 GB HDD for MS DOS
We offer Laptop Hard Disk of 02 GB for Industial use
We offer replacement of any HDD with our customised HDD
386 / 486 Single Board Computer Card
486DX4 ISA CPU Card / 386 ISA SBC Card
We offer 486DX4 CPU card of ISA type P/N : 486/5x86 SBC Ver:G 9, which used in SWF Embroidery Machine.
386 SBC CPU Card, ISA VGA Card, ISA HDD Controller Card, RS232 Card, etc

4PCI / 03 ISA Slot
We offer P-IV Industrial Motherboard . 

Display Size : 10.4" / 12" / 15" /17" /18" / 20" 
Touch Screen Panels with Serial / PS2 / USB Controller. 
Radisys EPC-8A 
Radisys EPC-8A /EPC-8 /EPC-4 /EXM-MX
We offer following cards of Radisys make used in Lasser Embriodery Machines 
EPC-8A,        EPC-8,          EPC-4,           EXM-MX Hard Disk Drive Module,               EXM-13A,       02 GB Laptop HDD
PMAC Delta Tau 
Delta Tau PMAC Card
We offer PMAC cards of Dealt Tau make used in Lasser Embriodery Machines 
L93, L110, L120, L-400, MD1, MD2, etc
Industrial PC / Workstation / HMI
We sale Industrial PC from 486 to P-IV.
We sale CPU Cards from486DX4 to P-IV CPU Card
We also offer Replacement / Upgradation of Industrial PC / Workstation from 386 to P-IV for all type of Industrial Syste.
BGA Re-work Station
We have IR-Heating PLC Controls BGA Rework Station for Soldering and De-soldering of all type of BGA Chips or ICs

We offer re-work on all type of BGA ICs.

We also offer Replacement of all type of BGA ICs / Chips.
Floppy Drive upgradation with USB Pen Drive.
We offer Floppy Drive Replacement with Pen Drive System.
This USB Floppy is competable wirh MS DOS, Win 3.11, Win 95, Win NT, Win CE, Win 98,, Win ME, Win 2000, Win XP, Embedded XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Linx, Unix, Dr. Coldera DOS, VDOS, IDOS, and many more.
It works on All CNC machine, DCS System, Mark-V, Embriodery Machine, etc
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